Privacy Policy

At Jenetic we believe privacy is a fundamental human right. That’s why we don’t store, share or sell your data. Our website and mobile applications don’t use any tracking technologies and we don’t use cookies. We don’t need to, so we don’t.

Our Definition of “Personal Data”

We define personal data based on privacy laws and regulations of the EU, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR are widely regarded as the strongest privacy protections in the world. We consider any information that can identify you, your behaviour, and/or could be used to track you as personal data. For more details please see section: Your Rights under GDPR.

Why we don’t store, share or sell your data or have third party advertisements partners

We respect your privacy. By limiting data collection and never sharing or selling your data it is much less likely to be stolen, abused, sold or leaked. We believe this is the best way to protect your privacy.

Let’s be perfectly clear, sometimes we will have access to your “personal data”

When do we have access to your “personal data”?

If you reach out to us via email (support requests)

We use a Gmail account provided by Google in order to respond to your support requests. We will only retain your email address on Gmail (and the email you sent) until we have responded, or 30 days has passed, whichever is sooner, at which point both your email and email address will be deleted from the Gmail account.

If you reach out to us to become a mobile application beta tester.

In order to become a beta tester, we request that all beta testers request access by contacting Jenetic directly via our email address; [email protected]. Please provide an Apple ID for iOS Beta Testing and/or a Google account or a G Suite account for Android Beta Testing.

Apple Beta Testing
Apple use their “Test Pilot” App for Mobile Application Beta Testing. Upon ourselves receiving your beta testing email request, we will add your Apple ID to a list of beta testers within Apple’s App Connect Developers website, at which point Apple will email you with an invitation to test our app. Once processed via Apple (may take a few hours) you will have access to download and test our iOS mobile application via Apple’s “Test Pilot” app.

Test Flight Privacy Policy - See section; Your Privacy and Data.

Google Beta Testing
Upon receiving your beta testing email request, we will add your Google account or a G Suite account email address to a list of beta testers within the Google Play Developer Console. Once processed by Google (can take a few hours), Google will email you with a link to a non public Google Play store page in which you can download a beta version of the Android application.

Google Privacy Policy

How long do we retain your beta testing request
We use a Gmail account provided by Google in order toreceive email requests to become a beta tester. We will only retain your email address on Google’s Gmail until we have added your details (Google account or a G Suite account / Apple ID) into the corresponding developers website (Apple Connect / Google Play Console), or 30 days has passed, whichever is sooner, at which point both your email and email address (which contains you Apple ID / Google account or a G Suite account) will be deleted from our Gmail account.

Please note, emails and email addresses, once deleted by ourselves, may stay on Google’s Gmail servers for up to 60 days. For more information please see section: How your “personal data” is protected.

What we will never do with your email address (and emails):

We will never share your email address or email(s).

We will never store your email address or email(s) on our systems.

We will never sell your email address or the email(s).

We will never add your email address to a mailing list or subscribe you to a newsletter.

We will never contact you out of the blue.

When you purchase one of our Mobile Applications

When you download an Application, we may have access to certain information as permitted by the application store provider (such as the Apple App Store or Google Play). Generally, this information is only order related and includes an order number, game purchased and other related information. Where necessary, the application store provider may allow us to access certain other order related information for us to respond to a support enquiry. This is generally limited to an email address that you will have already provided to us so that we can respond to your support request. Accessing this data allows us to validate your purchase and respond to your particular request. We don’t store, share or sell this data, it stays on the Application Store Providers servers, of which we have no control over.

Below are links to the Application store providers privacy policies that host our Applications:

Google Privacy Policy

Apple Privacy Policy

How your “personal data” is protected

How we protect your data

We use two-factor authorisation and strong password protection on the Gmail account we use to access your support enquiries. We limit access to the Gmail account to one member of staff, Paul Jenkins, our founder.

We do not use any third-party email clients, such Microsoft Outlook or Apple’s Mail which may store emails and email addresses locally on our systems. We access your support request by accessing Gmail directly, we do this to ensure your email address or email(s) are never stored locally on our systems.

How Gmail protects your data

Google secures email data with high level encryption, please follow the below link for more details on how Google protect your privacy:

How Gmail protects your privacy & keeps you in control

Where will your email support request be stored?

Your email support request will be stored on Google’s servers that are located worldwide. Please follow the following link to see all Google’s data centres.

Google’s headquarters are located at; 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, California.

Cookies and Web hosting

What are Cookies and why we don’t use them?

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on your device by websites and mobile applications. Cookies have a number of uses, from storing your login details in order to aid faster access to password protected areas, to cookies that have unique elements that can be used to track all kinds of your personal data. We don’t have password protected areas within our website or our mobile applications and we don’t like the idea of ourselves or third parties tracking you, therefore we don’t facilitate the use of any form of cookie.

Third party Web Hosting provider

We use GitHub Pages for hosting our website. GitHub Pages do not inject cookies into the website they host, and as we also do not use cookies, you can be confident our Website does not store any type of cookie on your computer. Our Mobile Applications never store cookies. Please be aware that GitHub may collect “personal data” from visitors to our Website, including logs of visitor IP addresses, to comply with legal obligations, and to maintain the security and integrity of the Website and the Service. For more details please read GitHub’s Privacy Policy.

Where do GitHub host websites?

GitHub store and process data that they collect in the United States.

GitHub Headquarters are located at:

GitHub, Inc., 88 Colin P. Kelly Jr. Street, San Francisco, CA 94107.
GitHub B.V., Vijzelstraat 68-72, 1017 HL Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

What “non personal data” do we access?

For clarity, here are some examples of non personal data we may access when using our Mobile Applications:

Operating system
Our Mobile Applications are built on a single code base, therefore at times within the code we may need to check if you are running our Mobile Application on a Google device (Android) or an Apple device (iOS). We do this in order to facilitate system dependent features. We never store, share or sell any of this data.

Language Settings
When you launch one of our Mobile Applications, we may access your device’s language settings, in order for the Application to run in the same language as your device. We never store, share or sell this data, it is only accessed when you run one of our Mobile Applications.

Device Time and Date Information
When using our Mobile Applications, we may access your devices Time and Date information. We access this information only when needed. An example would be our Solitaire application, which reads your device’s date and time in order to create an in-game calendar which displays daily challenges. Again we never store, share or sell this data, and it will only be accessed when you run one of our Mobile Applications.

Your Rights under GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation gives you the following rights in regards to how your “personal data” is processed:

You must be given reasons for why your “personal data” is processed. Including:

What kind of “personal data” is processed.

Who has access to it within the organisation, third-party access and where they are located.

When and how your “personal data” is collected.

How organisations are protecting your “personal data”.

You have the right to see what “personal data” an organisation have about you and how it is being used. This data must be sent to you, or a third party you designate in a commonly readable format (e.g spreadsheet).

You have the right to know how long an organisation plans to store your “personal data” and reason for why this information is kept for that length of time.

You may request to correct or update any “personal data” an organisation hold about you.

You have the right to ask for all your “personal data” to be deleted by an organisation that stores your “personal data”. Such a request must be honoured within a month. Please note, there are grounds in which an organisation could deny the request, such as the exercise of freedom of speech or compliance with legal obligations.

For more details on about GDPR please visit:

Safeguarding Children (COPPA)

We believe safeguarding a child’s “personal data” should go without saying. Therefore we comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (“COPPA”).

What is COPPA?

COPPA imposes certain requirements on operators of websites or online services directed to children under 13 years of age, and on operators of other websites or online services that have actual knowledge that they are collecting personal information online from a child under 13 years of age.

How Jenetic complies with COPPA

We comply with COPPA by never storing, sharing or selling any “personal data” when you use our Website or Mobile Applications, regardless of whether you are a child or an adult.

We request, if you are under the age of Thirteen (13), and you would like to get in touch with us by email, please have a parent or guardian do this on your behalf.

If you believe that we may have received an email from a child under the age of thirteen (13), please contact us immediately so we can delete this information from our Gmail account.

For more details please visit the COPPA website.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Jenetic may update or make changes to this Notice from time to time. If we make material changes to this privacy policy, we will notify you here, or by means of a notice on our Website home page or within our Mobile Applications prior to the change becoming effective. We strongly suggest you consult this Privacy Notice regularly for any changes.

How to contact us and how to complain

Please let us know if you are not happy with the way we use and process your data, or if any of this privacy policy is unclear by contacting us at [email protected].

Our address is:
Paul Jenkins T/A Jenetic
6 Old Dike Lands
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom
YO32 2WN

You always have the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant authority where you live, work or where an alleged infringement has occurred, for example in the United Kingdom you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.